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This is an offering for a phenomenal system - the Triad Platinum / Silver theater.

The day has come for me to remove the Triad Plat system from my home. I have been a loyal Triad owner for many years and still retain the Triad Silver Monitor system in our family room and Triad Gold Monitor system in our game room. I am including EVERYTHING I have accumulated over the years for the theater - including some speakers we used there and swapped out (Silver Surrounds/Dipoles) - extra pair of new PLAT LCR grills and a pair of Plat LCR pedestals (in black).

I used to run seven (7) Plat LCR's in our theater. The side and back LCR's were black - the sides were on pedestals and the rear in a cavity in the back wall. I sold off both pair of black LCR's and had the pedestals laying around, thus included.

In its current state, we are using the Plats across the front stage, the inceiling Silver Monitors for front height channels, the Silver Monitor INWALL/6's are rears and the Silver Monitor INWALL/4's as sides. The Silver Surrounds are not being used, but you get these as well.

I am not interested in splitting the set at this point.

What is being offered here consists of the following:

1) Triad Platinum LCR's with grills - (2)
2) Triad Platinum Center with grill - (1)
3) Triad Platinum Center stand (1)
4) Triad Platinum DSP Subwoofers (2)
5) Triad Silver Monitor InCeiling with grills (2)
6) Triad Silver Monitor InWall/6 with grills (2)
7) Triad Silver Monitor InWall/4 with grills (2)
8) Triad Silver Surrounds/4 (dipole), with grills (2)
9) Triad Platinum LCR EXTRA GRILLS pair (2)
10) Triad Platinum LCR Pedestals (BLACK) pair (2)

The LCR's, Center, subwoofers, and Silver InCeiling speakers all come with original boxes. The others will be packed and all of this shipped on one/two pallets.

I have alot of photos for you to review.

$23,500 - porschecab AT comcast DOT net

Shipping would be additional.

By the way, I can included another pair of Plat DSP subs as well, making it a total of four (4) DSP's!


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Same here.
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