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Triad In-wall advice

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We're upgrading our family room decor and have decided to install in-walls. I've attached a plan view of the room which is 21' wide by 16' deep by 9' tall, is carpeted, and has a large overstuffed sectional. Our primary use is movie viewing, with occasional TV and music. I'm not planning to upgrade my receiver for now (Sony DA30ES, 5 x 70W @4ohm, supposedly), and we don't listen very loudly. We're not serious audiophiles, but I want to install some quality speakers and minimize the leakage upstairs and into the adjacent room.

My tentative plan is to put InWall Bronze/4 LCR's left and right about a foot down from the ceiling, an OnWall Bronze LCR directly above the Plasma, InWall Bronze/4 Surround's in the ceiling just off the back wall, and an InWall Bronze/4 PowerSub in the lower left front corner of the room.

Does this sound sane?
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I see no problem with what you're proposing. The speakers work well together, and they'll work well in that room with that receiver at moderate playback levels. If and when you upgrade the receiver, the speakers will then be up to the task, so it's also a good investment.

Make sure you ask your dealer about the custom paint matching option. It sounds like you'll have five inwall grills, and they'd look very custom if they were the exact color of the walls.

Thanks for considering Triad.
After talking to the dealer and looking at the space we have, I'm thinking about all in-ceiling. He suggested Gold/6 Omni's across the front and Silver/4 Surrounds with the Bronze/6 PowerSub. I'm curious about the differences between the Gold Omni's and the Bronze/8 LCR's for our application. Our listening is mostly movies at fairly low volume, so I guess our priorities would be crisp dialogue and rich sound at those levels.
I would not recommend the angled baffle InCeiling Omnis IF you have the ability to place them in the front wall...

Don't get me wrong, the InCeiling models work very well and are easily the finest in-ceiling speakers I have used, but the dispersion/coverage of the same models in wall mounted versions will outperform them.

Depending on the height of the ceiling and the orientation of the plasma panel, I would look into using a 3rd LCR/inwall across the front and going for the custom paint recommendation that Paul suggested.

If you must turn the LCR on it's side, you will very likely need rework in the wall.

The Bronze LCR turned sideways is 19 1/4", and that will be wider than the stud cavity.

Additional benefits to opening up that cavity in the wall include the ability to install extra blocking for the plasma mount, as well as allowing you get your plasma wiring done as neatly as possible.

As for the differences between the Gold Omnis and the Bronze LCRs, the three driver 2-way MTM configuration (also called a D'Appolito array after the famed speaker designer Joe D'Appolito) allows tighter vertical dispersion which will reduce the effect of ceiling and floor reflections compared to a two driver 2-way configuration like the Omnis.

The reduction in level of these reflected sounds will ensure that you are hearing MORE of the sound directly from the speakers themselves. This will improve dialog clarity as well as musical imaging, which is exactly why many of the better theater designers and acoustic consultants use acoustical panels on the ceiling at the early reflection points...

The Bronze LCRs would also have a slight edge on output capability, although it doesn't sound like a priority in this case.
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Thanks very much for the reply.

I can only put the L & R in-wall very high on the wall (within a foot of the ceiling) which is why it was suggested that I either put the angled Gold Omni's in the wall or in the ceiling so that they can be aimed at the listeners. Although now that I think about it, it might be possible to go low in the wall (say a foot from the floor), though I'd have to figure out where to move the sub to.

There are several large studs in the center of the wall where the plasma hangs, so in-wall isn't an option there. I'd either have to put an on-wall on its side there above the plasma or go in-ceiling with the center (which has a clear aesthetic advantage).

The attached pic shows what's in the wall.
Can't speak for the Gold Omni's but I do think the Bronze InCeiling LCR are the best in-ceiling LCR's I've heard for movies... If you can't go on-wall (in the correct direction), or in-wall... then you won't be disappointed with the inceiling option...
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