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Triad subwoofers?

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Anybody have them/heard them? They seem to get great reviews.
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I have their original Gold sub. I love it! Looks great, well built. Sounds great even with music something I am picky about. Excellent customer service. What more can I say?
They are excellent subs! If you are looking for maximum BOOM these are not it, go with SVS, HSU or the like. They are not wimps either but dollar for dollar they won't output as much as the ID brands.

If you want the best sounding subs these are tops. The Silver is my favorite for not much more money than the bronze. If you need more output use 2 or more, this will also help with room modes if placed properly. I have 2 Bronze in my room and I get >100db at 13hz, I do have a sealed room and it is 14x19x9. I went with the Bronze for aesthetic reasons to match the grill size of my other speakers or I would have used the Silvers or Golds but I have not been disappointed with the Bronze at all.

hope this helps.


Hope this helps.

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How would you say the In-Room Silver Powersub @ $1250 compares to the Paradigm Seismic 10 @ $1400?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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