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I've just moved into a new apartment and I'm not really sure what direction to take my a/v experience in. TV is a new Panasonic 60GT50 plasma which I intend to wall mount (possibly flat, maybe with a swivel mount to angle it more into the main seating area of the room).

At present, I have an Onkyo SR-TX605 receiver but it is limited in HDMI inputs, doesn't support ARC, or 3D. The AVR is paired with some crummy old Sony satellites that I got out of my first HTiB many moons ago. If I just wanted to replace the AVR, the Denon 1613 is in my price range and seems to have a good mix of quality/features I'm looking for (those listed above + AirPlay, XM). However, I'm not sure if continuing a traditional 5.1 setup makes any sense in this space.

First, speaker placement in the room would be tricky enough. Then I have to factor in WAF which probably blows that whole thing out of the water. I could probably get by doing two rears on stands and the two fronts, plus a center standing on whatever console I use underneath the plasma. That would leave them well below listening height though, so I don't love that idea. The wall where the TV will mount is just large enough to fit the plasma only. The is no room to put wall mounted fronts on the same plane on either side. I could walk mount them on the walls that angle backward but I think that would look clumsy.

I've started thinking about going the sound bar route, but I know even less about that. Is that a better solution for a room this shape and size? Most of the sound bars I see look short to sit under a 60" (55" across).

As you can see in the photo, the plasma is the long rectangle on the angled wall and the two other red shapes represent a sofa and arm chair. I feel like the main listening area (sofa) will be slightly edged out, even if I get a swivel mount to bring the TV off the wall a few degrees. The dotted line on the right most side (not the closet) is a hallway to the kitchen, so that's not an available wall.

Components that I'd be connecting are TWC HD-DVR, PS3, WDTV Live, Wii, and I'd like to leave room to connect a MacMini in the future possibly. Any advice on layout and products? Budget is going to be somewhere between $400-$750 all in.
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