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Tricky Plasma/LCD Mounting Question

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Hi guys, I've got a difficult question about mounting an LCD/plasma TV. Considering the great help I got in the audio section, I thought I would pick your guys' brains about what is best to do here.

I've uploaded 3 pictures of the area. Take a look at them (particularly 1st attachment), and you'll see what the situation looks like.

Basically its a recessed hole in the wall for a TV. The hole is not very big, about 35" across the opening. The TV that is in the hole currently is not sufficient because the viewing distance (between 8'-15', depending on the seat) is too great, and the quality is too low on the CRT. We want to put a LCD or plasma in that position (its the only suitable place for a TV in the room), and it will cover the hole to some extent. We're looking at between 37"-42", and any of these sets would be much too wide to fit WITHIN the hole. That's why we're looking for a way to have the TV be outside of the hole, sort of covering it.

The problem is finding a mount that will do the job. The hole is much too deep for a wall mount, and I'm not sure that ceiling mounts will work because the ceiling inside the hole does not feel very stable (see 2nd attachment).

The only possible idea so far involves using this swivel stand from Premier: http://www.premiermounts.com/product...ID=&PartID=850

I am thinking about removing the sliding tray that the CRT is currently on, and installing this mount as close to the edge of the wood base as possible (see the picture, 3rd attachment).

I would be depending on the actual bracket of this mount to hang out over the base, and out enough to clear the sides of the hole to attach to the TV. I am not completely sure that it sticks out far enough for this to work though.

Does anybody know any other solutions that would work better than this? Any other clever mounts that I am not aware of?

I was really hoping for a mount much like an LCD monitor arm, that has height adjustment, and a lot more freedom of movement since the monitor extends so far from the base. However, none of these have weight capacities sufficient for what I'm thinking about, at least none that I have found.

I will be thankful and appreciative of any comments, suggestions, or creative ideas that anyone has for this situation.

Thank you!
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you need to mount an articulating arm mount to the back of the opening. It will support the TV suspended in the front of the opening.

Peerless and Omnimount make affordable mounts.
CCbrew, thank you for your recommendation. The problem is the back of the hole is at least 3.5-4' from the entrance of the hole. I don't think an articulating arm would reach that far.
Since whatever tv you get will definatly cover the sides of the frame, maybe board up the frame and attach your mount to the boarded up opening?
I'm assuming your not going to use the doors after the plasma is mounted .

You could frame out the inside with 2x4's basically 1 one each wall and 1 on top and on the bottom. Then attach a piece of 3/4 plywood to your newly constructed frame. You could even put 2 cross supports horizontally if you like for more support.

set it back the distance you desire and then use a regular wall mount .

Basically your building a "false" wall.

If ya use Birch or cherry plywood for the false wall, you could stain it close to the exisiting color.
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My plasma mounting problem was similar to your situation, but I had an extended mantle area to work with above my recesssed TV opening. So, I was able to drill from above and down thru the "ceiling" of the recessed opening, and bolt a 36" length of slotted angle iron across the top of the "ceiling." Then I hooked two very strong "S" hooks into the slots and into a pair of Sanus mounting brackets on the back of the plasma panel. Essentially, the panel is suspended on the two "S" hooks.

I would also advise you to re-post your question and photos on the following forum site:

"General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms," which is located in the section entitled: "Home Entertainment & Theater Builder" You should get more responses there.

Good luck.
Originally Posted by SocalDave
CCbrew, thank you for your recommendation. The problem is the back of the hole is at least 3.5-4' from the entrance of the hole. I don't think an articulating arm would reach that far.
you're welcome.The nice thing about an articulating arm is that you can move the TV out of the way if you want to get into the space, or to get to the back of the TV. Moving the mounting point closer is a good idea, but if you then use a fixed wall mount you will not be able to move the TV.

Good Luck!
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