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Triple LNB with SD D*Tivo ????

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Currently I have the standard D*Tivo (with dual LNB round dish). This winter I will be buying a new HDTV and the new HD Tivo.

Of course I understand that I will have to install a new oval triple LNB for my new setup, but I would like to buy and install the new dish now before the weather gets too cold.

Will the triple LNB oval dish work with the SD Tivo that I have now?? Or do I have to keep my existing dish and swap the dish in the middle of winter?

I appreciate any help.

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Yes, the triple LNB dish will work just fine with your existing setup.
Thanks for the quick reply!!

I forgot to ask, will I need to re-aim the triple LNB dish now (to use w/SD equipment) or in the future (to use with HD equipment).

Thanks again.
After the triple LNB dish is installed you won't ever have to reaim it. It will work for all HD and SD receivers, even when you have a combination of SD and HD receivers connected at the same time.

When you get the HD receiver just connect it to the dish the same way the SD is now.
Would you get the hd channels on a sd tivo if it comes from the 3lnb dish?


The triple dish is aimed slightly differently from the single round dish. You have to set three things: the azimuth, angle of elevation, and a "tilt" specific to oval dishes to compensate for the fact that the satellites are at different angles from your viewing position. The numbers can be obtained from D* or various other places. Your SD TV would probably have all the numbers if you set it for an oval dish. The most important factor with the oval dish is to make sure the mounting post is completely plumb. Otherwise trying to find all 3 satellites will be difficult.

With a 3 satellite oval dish you are capable of picking up the HD signals. But, you have to have an HD capable receiver to see them. An SD TiVo won't be capable of displaying the HD signals.

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