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Just got this game for my PS3 this afternoon. Played about 30 minutes of it so far. The best part about this game is of course, the 3D effects (which you can adjust to your liking in the menu). Good depth, not too much pop. The light cycle stage is kinda cool. Like GT5, the resolution takes a small hit when you enable 3D. The action gets a little reptitive at times and the story is not too good (it's not the same as Legacy but supposed to be a "prequel"). The whole game has a sort of "rushed" feel to it (maybe trying to get it out before the movie release).

BTW, the game is also Move compatible but haven't tried it yet.

Also, the cutscenes and online game modes are not in 3D.

BTW, don't get the Collector's Edition...saw an employee open one at the store....the light cycle is a cheap plastic toy which doesn't light up and definately NOT worth the $140.
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