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got this little note from DISH..My problem is i can only get the 61.5 (high in the sky) sat i use Directv for all else because their HDTV location is too low for me..problems problems problems if they merge ill have 10 dishes or a new house:)

Thank you for your email. Our long term plan is to have more HDTV available than any other programming provider. Right now, there are only three sources of high definition content for DISH Network. These three sources are HBO, Showtime and CBS. In addition, we also have some pay-per-view movies in HDTV as well.

In order to receive HDTV CBS you will first have to qualify, which you may do by contacting our Customer Service Center at 1-800-333-3474 and one of our representatives will assist you.

Both the 61.5 and 148 slots are carrying the high definition programming. We may also look at some carriage at the 110 degree location after our next satellite successfully launches. At this time, however, we cannot guarantee the alternate locations.

We will forward your request for HD Net to our programming department, however specific information is not currently available.

Your business is greatly appreciated and we thank you for allowing us to be of assistance to you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please refer to www.dishnetwork.com or reply to this email and include all previous correspondence so that we may assist you promptly.

As a current customer, you may also use our website to view your current or previous billing statements, add services, or make payments to your account. Please use the link https://customersupport.dishnetwork....ment/login.jsp to launch yourself to the Dish Network Customer Support Center
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