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I’ve had my Replaytv 5504 for a week now, and can not seem to get it to upgrade to the 5.1 software.

Each time it connects to the replay network (through the modem) it downloads the channel and zone information fine, but when it gets to the point of “checking for new replay software†it just stops there. After a while the modem will hang up, but the Replaytv is frozen on that screen. Eventually I reboot and everything is fine, but it is still running version 5.0 (build 110 I believe).

I’ve tried slowing the modem down and it still locks up in the same place, no matter what speed the modem is running at.

This weekend, I brought my laptop (running Windows 98) home from work and connected through a router and dial up internet service, thinking that I could get the software to upgrade through my computer modem. I connected it, and DVArchive could see the Replaytv (I even transferred a few shows over to my laptop to test the connection). However, when I told the Replaytv to connect via Ethernet connection, it checked for a network connection, found it, then got stuck on verifying network connection. The screen said something to the effect of

Connection Problem:

There was a problem connecting to the replay service

1. Check your IP settings

2. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet properly

3. The Replaytv server might be down

This is my work computer, so I don’t want to screw with the network connections too much. If I need to, I might lug my home computer (windows XP) downstairs to hook up to the replay, but would rather avoid that.

I would appreciate any other ideas on how to get this to update to the new software. So far everything else seems to be working fine.

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Though this specifically mentions V110, this is the procedure which is 99% successful:

Update ReplayTV Software:

Now, you're ready for the easy part. You may need to repeat these steps 3 or 4 times for the software to finally update.

1.Unplug the ReplayTV for 30 seconds. This will force the modem to reset.

2.Tune to any channel on ReplayTV.

3.Press 243 then button on the remote. You will see a blue screen with a list from 1 to 15 should now appear. If you don't see this blue screen, press the button and try again.

4.Press 7 to Net Connect.

a.If nothing happens when you press # 7, restart your ReplayTV

b.Hold the power button on the ReplayTV down for 10 seconds, until you hear the fan turn off.

c.Release the power button and your ReplayTV will restart.

d.Stat again with Step # 2.

5.Your ReplayTV will first say it's dialing and then connecting. Then, it will tell you it's contacting the server, setting the clock, etc.

6.During the connection, the ReplayTV will pause at "Transferring additional information..." At this point, wait 10 seconds then restart your ReplayTV.

7.Once the unit reboots, repeat Steps 2 - 4.

8.The ReplayTV unit should now be able to download the latest software build 110.

a.Near the end of the connection, the ReplayTV will be "checking for new software."

b. It will start counting at 1% all the way to 99%.

c.Once it's finished downloading the new software, the ReplayTV will start a 3-minute countdown before restarting.

Verify Software Version:

After the ReplayTV unit automatically reboots, to verify your software version:

a. Press button on the remote.

b. Then select Setup.

c. Scroll using the up and down arrow buttons on the remote to highlight System Information.

d. Press button on the remote.

e. Then select Unit Info:

The old software version is 530500750 (5.0 build 75).

The new software version will be 530501100 (5.0 build 110)


Sidney O

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