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Trouble getting Windows to detect > 2 channels

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Here are the parts:


HTPC: Intel NUC DN2820FYKH running Windows 8.1, all latest drivers and BIOS installed

Receiver: Onkyo HT-S3300

TV: Sony KDL-55W900a


HTPC --> HDMI --> TV --> Optical --> Receiver


I would hook up the HTPC directly to the receiver, but it's full with other devices.


Other devices hooked up to the TV like the HTPC work fine, including my Xbox 360 and DVR/Cable box.


The HTPC, however, cannot detect more than 2-channel audio. I've tried reinstalling drivers, uninstalling the audio driver and just using the default Windows driver, rebooting, etc. But every time only 2 channels are detected.


I previously had my full desktop PC hooked up in this way, and it had no problem detecting 5.1 channels. Not sure what else I can try here though. Any ideas?
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You have to hook the HTPC to the AVR. Swap one of your other devices from the receiver to the TV. Your HTPC is seeing the TV as the output device and downgrading to 2.0 for the audio device.

I plan to do that as a last resort, but am pretty certain I had it working like this a few months ago. Anything I can do to let the htpc recognize the TV is just a pass through?
The NUC doesn't have an optical out so you have to go to HDMI directly to the receiver.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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