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Alright I've been trying to figure this out for about 3 weeks now so I give up. This is what I have

Sony Home Theater model DAV-HDX265

New Samsung LCD 46in TOC series 650 model

and a PS3

My basic setup is HDMI cable and standard (red and white) audio cables going from the receiver to the TV and HDMI cable going from PS3 to the TV

I only have 1 HDMI outlet on the back of my receiver.

My problem is I can't hear voices for crap. Most of the time I can make out what they are saying but some times I can't. Plus I'm tired of having to turn the volume up when someones talking then back down when the action starts.

So whats the deal. Any recommendations? I use the pro logic sound field. I've tried using the auto speaker calibration mic. I've tried turning the center speaker all the way up.

I'm starting to think is just a crappy Home Theater and I should just invest in a new receiver. What do you guys think???

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Originally Posted by Ranger 518 /forum/post/15417958

Nice flaming of the new guy with only one post.

Do you think all beginning posters think to search or do they just ask for help? I said "please" and I told him that there was info to be had.
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