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I just updated to latest nvidia drivers on my HTPC. I have an ASUS 9800 GT video card and am driving a Toshiba 34" CRT HDTV through the component dongle. This TV accepts only 480p and 1080i on its component inputs. I am running 32-bit Vista Ultimate.

After installing the new driver, I rebooted and everything went well until Vista began to load. At this point my HDTV went black but I did hear the welcome jingle from Vista making me believe the PC was booting normally. At this point, I attached a standard monitor to the DVI output of the graphics card and restarted the PC. I was able to then open the nvidia control panel and saw that it was setting the HDTV output for 720p. So I changed the resolution to 1080i (1920X1080) and the HDTV came to life. I then scaled the desktop to compensate for overscan using the utility in the nvidia controll panel. This created a new "custom" resolution for the HDTV output.

Next, I made the HDTV my "primary" display device and unchecked the monitor. I then unplugged the monitor and confirmed that the nvidia control panel only registered the HDTV. At this point I thought I had everything working properly and began watching TV. The next evening when I tried to start up my PVR (The HTPC goes into sleep mode when it is idle) and the HDTV was again blank. For some reason, my resolution setting was not "sticking" and it had reverted to 720p output. Does anyone have any idea how to overcome this problem? I did not have this problem with my older driver. BTW, I loaded the new driver so that I could be compatible with the new accelerated Adobe Flash player which is used by Boxee.
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