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I have a problem with 3D playback that I believe is related to my DShow filter configuration.

I have a new Dell Tower with i5 3.4GHz CPU and intel HD4600 integrated graphics chipset.

Stereoscopic player playing MVC MKV or PowerDVD playing back 3DBD directly from a disc in drive both result in a crash.

I changed a few settings and the crash behavior was different in Stereoscopic player.

At first playback was lovely and the crash only occurred when trying to exit 3D mode. Currently it happens when playback is initialized.

I think I will try to download a Dshow filter manger software and experiment with changing the used filters.

(also.... I thought maybe the problem was because I ran through my Denon AVR but I bypassed the AVR and went directly to the projector and still have the problem. Both the AVR and Projector are 3D capable.)

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