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Hi, I'm new to this forum so if someone reads this thread and knows of a better place to post, please let me know.

I'm stuck at the moment with a 4:3 picture size on my 42" Samsung dlp watching a dvd on my Pioneer Elite dv45a dvd player.

I consider myself to have above average knowledge of AV equipment. lol, but I can't figure this out right now

It's late at night and I'm kinda tired but I'll give you the low down on my situation.

I just bought myself a new Onkyo TX-SR606. I love it, it sounds great and everything has been working great so far.

I hooked it up a couple of days ago

42" Samsung dlp HDMI input connected to Onkyo 606 HDMI output

Pioneer Elite dvd player component video connected to Onkyo 606 component video in.

I've watched a couple of dvds already and no problems

Earlier today i played a dvd audio disc, worked fine. I got home from work tonight and I put in my led zep music dvd and the picture size is 4:3 ??? I put in another dvd and same 4:3 picture ???

I narrowed it down to only being 4:3 on my dvd player. I haven't made any adjustments to my dvd player. I checked the display settings on my dvd player and it says "widescreen"

Anyone have any ideas? What am I missing

The only thing I was adjusting was the Onkyo TX-SR606. Would it have anything to do with that?

Please help, I can't stand these trouble shooting problems
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