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So this is my setup.

Projector: ViewSonic PJD5134
Blu-ray Player: Samsung BD-E5900
3D Glasses: Xpand X102 DLP-Link 3D Revolution Glasses

I got the 3D glasses and I'm confused about the battery install and when/how these are powered on. I installed the battery and touched the right side of the glasses. No 3D, but the glasses did flicker at some point, so I assume they were on.

I'm I missing something here? Settings wise? Do I need new glasses or blu-ray player? Does this have anything to do with 'checkerboard'? Is it possible to convert to passive glasses?

I'm thinking of just using my 3D video wizard, which isn't great, but still works on a minor level.

Thanks guys, I've been lurking this site a lot in the last few months.
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