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I noticed several threads on this and read a few but wasn't sure if this fit well in any of them. Sorry for starting a new thread if I'm mistaken.


Anyway, I have a Panasonic Plasma VT60 (amazing set, BTW) and a Yamaha receiver (don't know the model off the top of my head, but if it's important I can add it). Both support ARC. Here is my setup:


TV is connected via HDMI port 2 (the one the manual says supports ARC) to the HDMI out port on the receiver. The only device I have connected directly the receiver is a Directv HD DVR. So this goes into the receiver and the out to the TV. This TV only has three HDMI ports (unfortunately) and in the other two I have a PS4 and a Sony Blu-ray player. That's it as far as connections to the TV.


According to the receiver manual, all I had to do to enable the ARC was go into Setup, then select HDMI, turn Control on, then, select an input on the receiver (I chose Audio 1 since I am not using it for anything else), then select ARC and turn it on. I didn't find any settings on the TV menu or in the manual that seemed related to ARC. So I did not change anything in the TV menu. 


The first time I tried it (my goal is to get the audio from Netflix and other apps through the receiver when using those apps on the TV itself), there was no sound at all. Later, I went back and "undid" all the ARC settings, then redid them and boom--the sound came through. Sounded great. Then I changed the TV from the Netflix app, which was playing audio through the receiver, to the DirecTV DVR and that played fine too. Then I went back to Netflix and no sound again until I turned ARC off then on again. 


The next night I turned the TV on to watch DirecTV and the sound was completely gone. I had to go into the receiver setup menu and turn off ARC. After turning if off, it worked, but then later I turned it back on and while the ARC worked for Netflix, the sound was lost again for DirecTV. 


The cable that is being used for the ARC supplies the DirecTV signal from the receiver to the TV. So that's the connection between the two. It just seems like it's a bit buggy and that the connection does not "stick". 


Any ideas for a work around? I guess I can always just turn on ARC when watching Netflix but even then it's hit or miss. I have to keep fooling with it. Seems like it should either work or not work. I read on here where someone mentioned the "HDMI handshake" and I suspect it may be that simple?


Thanks for the help.
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