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I have a Comcast Motorola 5100.

Yesterday the unit displayed - dl, which I assume indicated it was downloading new software.

After a few minutes the dl was replaced with a series of messages:

1) Eb01

2) Eb07

3) Fr 1

4) Hunt

5) dl

Once it got to dl, the dl would be displayed for 10 - 15 minutes and the cycle would repeat.

This morning it was still doing the same thing. After trying to power the unit on or bring up the menu, I could not get a response so I decided to unplug it. I thought that after at least 15 hours of displaying the dl the unit must be hung.

Apparently this was not a good idea.

The unit now has no picture at all and will only stay on 3 or 4 minutes. Oddly enough, when it is off it will occasionally flash 8888 and the switched outlet will cycle on and off.

The only response I can get is to press Select with the power off and a diagnostic menu will appear.

Selecting 1) d01 - General Status displays and error code of EP00.

I've called Comcast and they said they would "hit" the box and it would be O.K. They said to wait 24 hrs; however, I'm pretty sure it will not fix the problem. When the unit was installed they had to "hit" the box to turn on the movie channels but other than that it was working fine. Now the only picture I can get is the Diagnostic Menu.

Is there any way to fix this problem? Is it possible to force the unit to reload its original software?

I'll have to wait till tomorrow to call Comcast and I sure they will have to come out and replace the box, which could take days or weeks. It would be nice if I could fix it.

Thanks for any advice.
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