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I have a Samsung LN-T4671F(LNT4671FX/XAA) and am having some trouble getting it to turn on/display/respond. Basically, it turns on, the IR (power light?) and source light flash for a bit I can see that the backlight is illuminated, but it does not respond to any button presses on the remote or TV. I can turn it off, but that is it. Also, I noticed that if I press buttons on the remote, the IR light (power light?) illuminates with each press.

I have read many many threads about the Samsung capacitor lawsuit (which I think I missed the window for) and I know my TV was one of the problematic models. After calling Samsung and getting no help from a clueless idiot who probably doesn't know what a TV is, I decided to open it up and take a look. I am a tech-savvy do-it-yourself kind of guy and immediately noticed that one of the problematic capacitors was bad (or looks like it).
Image 1:

So I ran over to Fry's and got a comparable replacement (original capacitor was 2200uF-10V and I bought a 2200uF-25V). Physically, it was a little bigger, but with some careful de-soldering, I managed to replace the bad capacitor.
Image 2:

Unfortunately, the problem remains after the replacement was installed:
Video 1:

I know that my TV's behavior is slightly different from the blinking red light and clicking that others are reporting. Can anyone offer some advice? Should I replace all the capacitors in that cluster even if the look OK?


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