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(troubleshoot) Sony KD-65X850 vertical lines

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A friend of mine brought in a Sony KD-65X850-8c for repairs.
I have some experience with TV repairs, and I am a DIY type of guy so I am trying to solve this problem if possible.
But I need your help and knowledge, as well.

This is the problem it has (vertical lines on the whole screen)
IMG_20190915_142638_2.jpg (first pic in attachments)

It is the same, from the bootup process (logo), even with or without any signal input.
The vertical lines are more or less on the whole screen, and do change with the animation.

Where could this problem come from?
The panel or the t-con board ?

Right now (in my pictures) the signal it has, is from a HDMI input (laptop).
The TV is upside down, in order to have access to the ribbons of the T-con and buffer boards.

It's a big 65'' TV, thus the T-con board (t650qvn04.0) has 4 outputs with 4 ribbons that go to 4 panel buffer boards (linked in series with another 2 ribbons).
I numbered the ribbons, like this, for the forthcoming pictures examples.
IMG_20190915_193405_2.jpg (2nd pic in attachments)

Right now ribbon nr 1. is on the right, but with the display on ribbon nr. 1 is on the left (in order to clarify the examples)

I tried cleaning all the ribbon connections and also pressing the tabs on the buffer boards. But no change whatsoever.

Then, I tried powering it up with disconnected ribbons (T-con to buffer board and between buffer boards) and I got picture on display.

This is what the display looks like with:

- with only ribbon nr. 1 disconnected:
IMG_20190915_141332_2.jpg (3rd pic in attach)
remember, right now, i.e (in the pictures with the display on) ribbon 1 and 1b are on the left part of the TV.
- with both 1 and 2 disconnected:
- with only 2 disconnected:
- with 3 disconnected
- with 3 and 4 disconnected:
- with nr 4 disconnected:
- with 1b disconnected:
- with 2b disconnected:
IMG_20190915_143411_2.jpg (last pic in attach)

There are also some artefacts though (with a zoom on some images, it can be seen)
2 horizontal lines
One is more visible than the other.

Do this examples prove anything?
Should I go with changing (and investing in) the T-Con board?

Thank you.


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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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