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I am hooked up to CIMTEL (bundle - phone, internet, TV) using Motorola VIP 1200 Set Top Boxes. Recently I have had a problem with one of the STB - the power button has no effect (quick push or holding for 5-30 seconds). The LINK, HD, and RECORD lights light up as soon as the power connector is plugged in. It is obvious to me that the STB needs replaced BUT this is the second box in 4 days to go south.

We have had no storms or "near strikes" in the last 4 or 5 months.

I have 2 STBs both hardwired to the router. The other STB continues to work as it should.

The faulty STB is connected to a Vizio TV using HDMI cable. (well heck, both STBs are connected to Vizio TVs via HDMI).

All connections to electrical power are through APC backup power supplies/surge protectors.

My questions:

1. Does the 3 lights being lit indicate a particular failure?

2. Any ideas what may have cause the failure?

3. Is it possible for the TV to have had an HDMI failure that backfed to the STB ?

Thanks for your time and any assistance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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