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Ok i know there has been little known on the true 24p (not 3/2 2/3) pulldown

what tvs actually play Bluerays at their entended 24 frames per second. the way true cinema is .

which tvs actually have this feature and in its true form

I know Sony has it listed on Most of their sets.

LG Has the Scarlett with it

Which other tvs actually do this. I currently own a philips 52 7403 d. which is 120 hz. and lists pc mode at 24hz at 1080 but i guess its only done by PC Input...by via graphics card

I want a true 24 tv ..that actually takes the signal and makes it even .. no 3/2 its noticeable

Why spend so much and have the newest technology not there! ,or not correct,

I want a fluent movie. not jitter not soap opera effect or skip

Is it too much to ask for... So which tvs....even if its firmware update!

PLEASE HELP! settle the pain of forever looking ,

tvs that really do 24p
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