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TrueHD or DD+ questions on TXSR805 & A30

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I could use some help understanding...

My setup is the HD-A30 with the Onkyo TXSR805. My speaker setup is just 5.1 right now. I can switch the audio between both the HDMI & the optical cable. The movies I've been testing are 300 and Batman (Batman supports TrueHD and DD+).

The receiver supports all sorts of LED labels that light up depending on what you are listening to. If I'm listening to Dolby digital, the usual "[]dolby" lights up in red. If I use some THX presets, "THX" lights up in red.

So the receiver has all sorts of other stuff that can light up such as "plus" or "trueHD", so the question is, why do I only see PCM every time?... and if I switch to optical, "[]dolby" lights up/activates, but not the "plus"? I have the A30 set to output bitstream and on the display it does show that the aduio is either DD+ or TrueHD but the receiver only indicates PCM (if I'm using HDMI for my audio) as well as the frequency (48khz). It sounds great but.. I must be missing something.

Any help would be appreciated. Maybe there is some sort of miscommunication between the player & the receiver.

- Chris
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The A30 decodes TrueHD and sends it via PCM. You will never see TrueHD light up unless the A30 has an option to send bitstream TrueHD (as opposed to doing it's own decoding.)

Same for Dolby Digital+
Nope, no option for that. So you're saying is that if the receiver was responsible for decoding then I'd get the indicators. That does not seem possible.

So although I'm seeing PCM, I assume this is OK and I'm indeed getting the intended TrueHD or DD+ audio out of the receiver? I guess I'm just trying to reassure myself of that fact, heh. I figured at least the frequency rate would change between the movies I've tested (300, batman, transformers) but it's remained a constent so.. I was scratching my head.

... actually after looking at the specs for the A30 & A35.. the 30 states "High bit rate audio: No".. the 35 says yes. Best bet is that that's important, heh.

Thanks again,
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