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I recently purchased a copy of TrueRTA, a ECM8000 mic and a used M-Audio MobilePre USB unit. I am having some trouble getting the straight line whilst doing the sound calibration. Can anyone advise me what is wrong?

I have followed the instructions, tried the loopback by using a guitar cable from channel 1 IN to channel 1 OUT but i still get really jagged lines from both samples. Tried the same with a RCA cable from stereo mic in and stereo mic out and I still get the same jagged lines.

Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? I have the WAV + Master volume sliders at max, I have selected the linein for the recording options (both muted and unmuted at max volume gives the same results).

Mobilepre is set as the default device for both Input and Output.

What gives? A faulty M-audio unit?

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