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Trying Out the Canon RF 24-240mm Lens on the Canon R5

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This combination comes closest to an 8K camcorder, with its 10X zoom. It is not a power zoom, although in my tests it is near parfocal in part because the AF is so responsive. There are no zooms in this video, but I was happy with the versatility and the results. This video was shot in 8K (Clog3 All-I HEVC), and rendered in 5K:

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That would be my go to/travel lens for sure with the R5. Just as the versatile Tamron 28-200 is for my A1 or the 24-240 Sony lens, another good pick, despite the poor reviews. For me there's nothing like having a multi-function lens that replaces a myriad of others. Not having to juggle lenses in the field is huge.

Sure you can get better performance from a prime, but most of the time it will take some scrutiny to see any significant difference. Even with a bit of sacrifice in detail, I'll take that over having to schlep 2 or 3 lenses to get all the focal lengths I might need. The performance is so good on its own (without doing an A/B with a prime), that the resolution in 8K still looks outstanding. The one thing I would not do with most of these zoom lenses, is zoom during a clip. I found, in general, they are simply not smooth enough to perform a silky zoom while shooting. As tempting as it is because the AF on the A1 or R5 is so good that it rarely misses during zooming, the lack of smoothness can be jarring. The Tamron is a bit of an exception in that I can do it with that lens, but I still don't make a habit of it. The Sony 24-240, or at least my copy, was not smooth enough to attempt a zoom.

Mark, in using the R5 in 8K or 4K30 in HQ mode, have you experienced any overheating?
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I have never had to stop shooting in 8K RAW or All-I or in 4K HQ mode because of overheating. I keep the camera off between most shots.
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