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Trying speakers at home - for real?

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I've read more than a handful of people say that they have either ordered a few different speakers or bought them a local stores, taken them home, tried them out, and then returned the ones they didn't want to keep.

Is this for real? What would dealers do with the returned speakers? Do people pay a "restocking fee"?

Anyone care to comment on their experiences?
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With the internet companies I believe there is no restocking fee. I didn't return my Ascends but I could if I wanted to.
Oh, and I forgot to ask: does it only happen with really, really expensive speakers?
Hi bldxyz

Around my area the audio stores will let you take their demo speakers out for a weekend or a week if you want them for this long.

This is how it works.

The store will take your credit card info but not finalize a sale. You get to try the speakers in your own room. This is the only sure way to know what they sound like. The room will have a great impact on what you hear from the speaker. At the end of the trial period you take back the demo speakers. The stores here do not charge any restocking fees of any kind. If you want to purchase the speakers the transaction is finalized and you take home your new speakers. If you fail to return the demo speakers the store has you CC info and you just bought yourself a set of speakers.

The Internet companies usually offer a trial period like 30 or 45 days. The speakers are sold to you and you use them for the trial period. If you like them you just keep them. If you do not like them you must repackage them and send them back. In most cases you are responsible for the return shipping. This can be a substantial amount depending on your location.

You should check the stores in your area their policy may differ.

Hope this helps.
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Most companies that offer this return policy, do not get that many returns.

This is because they sell solidly engineered speakers, that basically perform and look as advertised. This makes returning a rare decision for a buyer, even if they are not completely infatuated by the product. Why ship something of obvious quality back?

Also, since these companies often survive by "word of mouth" advertising, they often put out some killer products that genuinely WOW the buyer. They are not always "better" than the best store brand (at a given budget), but they are usually very-competitive with the best store brand.

And how many stores do you have to visit to find the best store brand? 5?

My advice, to those who wish to do this, is to have the speaker maker ship only 1 or 2 of the speakers at first. Then if you like those, have them ship the others.

If you dont like them, then just ship one or two back.

It is mostly for expensive speakers, but these companies have the same policy on their cheaper speakers ...
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Most B&M stores do not have restocking fees on speakers. Make sure you keep all packaging material, manual and receipt.
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