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HTPC specs are

Case: SilverStone LC20-m

Mobo: NEED HELP ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz

Video card: NEED HELP ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sound card: NEED HELP ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Media HDD: 500gig (MAIN/ PHOTOS) MAYBE?


Dvd burner: LG GBW-H20L Super Multi Blue BLU-Ray

RAM: NEED HELP ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

OS: Vista Home Premium

Keyboard and Mouse: MS Elite with bluetooth

Remote: Logitech Harmony 520

PSU: NEED HELP ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cooling: NEED HELP ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am finally about to start my HTPC setup. I need some of you guy help. I am not a computer expert. I know a little. I wil like to build my whole house around. my htpc. meaning I will like my living, 2 kids, maser bedroom and

& the basement. To be able to accese video, photos, and music from my htpc. I would like to know wat type of htpc i need. Or should i say wat items do i need to build this computer to run smoothly. i have been on tigerdirect and seen a couple of nice small computer for like 300

i am thinking about getting 3 of those for the kids room and living room. but whee i really need help is build a nice htpc. i really don't know wat type of cpu, mobo, cooler, ram or video card i will need. Also i don't know if

i will need a receiver or not i have seen a few guys on here with a one. I was thinking about putting my music, photos, video, and a main hdd all on separate hdd's. Would that be smart or dumb? Bcuz lets say i am

in the basement watching a video on my hhd and my wife in in the living room player mp3's. And my kids are photos in there room & playing mp3's. Would that be better to put separate hdd or it don't make a difference?

I hope i am not forgetting anything
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