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I'm deciding between a panasonic TH-50PZ85U, TH-50PZ850U, or a piorneer PDP-5020FD. I have some specific questions I didn't manage to find info on. Overall in the store I find the pioneer to be the king though with it's price tag, it really should be.

-One big concern I have is the ability to go into a 1:1 1920x1080p mode without any silly resizing or overscan. I believe the panasonics both feature "HD Size mode 1(overscan) and mode 2(1:1)". I'm wondering if that is correct information, and even moreso, does the pioneer feature a similar setting? This is pretty key to my decision believe it or not.

-If I am to go the panasonic route, how much of a PICTURE upgrade can I expect from a properly calibrated pz85 to a pz850. I know it has additional features but I need nothing of the sort.

-I found a great deal in a local craigslist on a TH-50PZ700U set. How much worse is that panel than the pz85? It WAS the top of the line model only a year ago but I know these things get way better every year. What can I expect in difference and does that model also feature the 1:1 pixel ratio?

I will be connecting via HDMI from my PC most of the time while using the panels if that's at all important to this.

ANY help is greatly appriciated. That includes and sort of outside the box stuff I may not have thought of. For the record, I've been proud and pretty happy owner of a th-42px25u since 2004.

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