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I'm in Italy, and the following are my options for subs. I'm playing mostly bass-heavy electronic music in a medium sized living room. I'll spring for whichever one is best among this list. Please help if you have personal experience with any of these!

Klipsch: Initially my choice cuz I love the brand, but then read some critical reviews.. http://www.amazon.it/Klipsch-R-12SW..._sbs_ce_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=1R2RNPNJZWND84ND7CW8

JBL: Would be my clear choice if there wasn't so much documentation of its mechanical failures. Price is cut in half in US but not here, would be a pain to repair or warranty from here.. Is it still a problem? http://www.amazon.it/JBL-ES250P-Sub...375&sr=1-1-catcorr&keywords=jbl+250+subwoofer

SVS: Small cabinet, undersized driver relatively, but good brand, maybe all I need for the space? http://www.amazon.it/SVS-SB2000-amp...&qid=1429244923&sr=8-2&keywords=svs+subwoofer

KRK: Used to have one and dug it, thinking there may be better http://www.amazon.it/KRK10S-G2-Alto...&qid=1429245509&sr=1-2&keywords=krk+subwoofer

Pioneer: Not many reviews on this one, anyone know about it? http://www.amazon.it/Pioneer-280W-P...TF8&qid=1429242920&sr=8-73&keywords=subwoofer

Wharfedale: Read some good things about this baby http://www.amazon.it/Wharfedale-Pro...F8&qid=1429243959&sr=1-172&keywords=subwoofer

KEF: Under 10" sub, good brand, can it hang with the rest? http://www.amazon.it/KEF-SP3725BU-Q...&qid=1429244324&sr=1-4&keywords=jbl+subwoofer

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help!
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