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So I recently learned my Yamaha Aventage RX-A720 is dead. It is 8 years old and needs an HDMI board that costs almost as much as the receiver was when new. This is the second receiver I have lost in the last 10 years due to HDMI issues (Onkyo TX-NR609). I would like to replace it with something slightly better. We likely won't be in this house more than a few more years and much could change by then with our setup.

Setup: I really don't care about video, but we use it with our TV setup all the time. Sources are Nintendo Switch, Roku, Chromecast Ultra, & a computer that runs through an AQ Dragonfly Red. Music is our priority for quality, but being able to hook it up to the TV and network for convenience is also a must. My wife uses the system everyday, and is not interested in something that needs babysitting. Music sources are Pandora, Spotify, & Qobuz. We do not use the system for surround sound, but we do use multiple channels. We have two identical 2.1 setups in our house. A pair of Klipsch towers and an Andrew Jones/Pioneer sub at each end of the house. We also have a Klipsch The Three Two working as a Chromecast endpoint.

I've narrowed down the new products between the Denon AVR-X2700H & Yamaha R-N803. I have heard Denons in the past and been very impressed with the sound quality (but it's been a while) but I'm very tempted by the Yamaha because of it's more simple concept. I'm wondering if the Yamaha will be more reliable and sound better because of the lack of video processing and, hopefully, higher focus on audio. Maybe it doesn't matter very much. The Yamaha would have to lose the Chromecast, but supposedly with Musiccast that wont really matter. For the other video sources I would just use my TV as the hub and run an SPDIF cable. The multiroom issue would be solved by using the A/B speaker functions. The second room sub is already controlled with a smart outlet because the auto on feature doesn't work reliably (could be due to cable run length).

The Denon would be used in more straightforward way. It would handle all the video processing as well as multiroom audio with dedicated channels. I'm tempted by the convenience features that AVRs offer. From what I can figure out it also has google home integration, so even though the Denon app gets mediocre reviews I'm hoping google home controls everything adequately (Yamaha's app also gets terrible rating but I've always found it worked fine). We have small kids, so things like being able to correctly set everything up with a Logitech Harmony remote is nice, as well as a set volume when the unit turns on. We also used the Vocal Boost on our old Yamaha every we watched TV in order to make the vocals easier to hear at lower volume.

Finally, the Denon is available right now, Yamaha is nowhere to be found and no one has a real timeline as to when it will be back.

Can anyone offer any advice on a course of action?
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