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Trying to download latest Firmware, broken link?

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Hi all,

I have an Onkyo TX-NR709 receiver. I am having problems with ARC with my new Samsung TV. I know for a fact that this receiver does not have the latest firmware. It hasn't been updated in years.

I went to the support/download section of Onkyo's website and found the link to the latest firmware. However, when I click the link, it takes me to a new tab in my browser with a blank white screen, which appears very briefly and closes. I can see that the file has not actually downloaded. I tried it on my mobile as well as my computer and I can't seem to get it to download.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I tried downloading a firmware update for a different receiver, just to see if maybe the link for the 709 was bad. That didn't work either.

If anyone could offer any insight or advice, it would be much appreciated.

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I just checked the link for you and it is working. Make sure you direct the download to a USB drive when the window opens. You can also direct the firmware to the download folder and copy to a USB drive.
Your browser pop-up blocker is preventing the download. Disable that or add the Onkyo website in the white/allowed list and you should be able to download the firmware.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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