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Trying to find Right Angle DVI to HDMI female adapter

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I have been searching Google and this entire forum. I think I posted in the wrong section before so moving my post here. Hopefully since this is for an HTPC, this is the best section to post this in.

1. DVI to HDMI cable, no adapters. I have one of these already. At maximum bend the length is 2.5" And this is actually quite good. But my cable is only 6 feet.

2. DVI to HDMI female adapter. I have one of these too. But then when you plug in an HDMI cable, the length with maximum bend is about 4" This is what I am using right now since the HDMI cable in the wall to the TV above is 10feet. I want to shrink this distance to get the cabinet closer to the wall.

3. If I get a right angle HDMI male to female adapter, the shortest one I have seen is about 1", so with my DVI to HDMI adapter, that would get me down to 3". But that will only let me move my cabinet 1" closer to the wall and I would like 2" closer.

So, that covers the solutions I am using or have tried, etc. But what I want, I don't think exists and I am hoping someone can prove me wrong.
Here is what I am hoping to find.

1. Ideal item would be a DVI to female HDMI adapter just like the one I currently have, BUT with the HDMI side directly at a right angle up or down. This would give me a 2" distance which would be perfect!

2. 2nd ideal item would be a DVI to male HDMI cable like I have, but with the cable leaving the DVI end at a right angle instead of straight out. This too would likely give me 2".

3. Or at least a DVI to DVI cable where the cable exits at a right angle at one DVI end. And then I would just put my DVI to HDMI male adapter on the other end.

The cabinet and computer case are brand new and assembled, so changing them is out of the question for now. Another solution which is not an option for me is to get a video card that has an HDMI port right on it. Though that would give me the ultimate clearance if I combined that with a right angle HDMI-HDMI adapter. But going that route would really limit video card choices. But since I am looking for a new video card, I might go this route if I can't find my magic adapters listed above.

I think I covered everything. If anyone can either help me locate one of the "mystery" ideal items I listed or another unlisted ultra short length DVI-HDMI solution, I would love to hear it.
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Do you mean something like this ?


A little pricey at $28, but hey it swivels

I'm sure it can be found for less with google's help.
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Your post wasn't very easy to follow, but have you tried www.monoprice.com yet? It would have to be a pretty rare cable or connector/adaptor for them not to have it.
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