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Trying to get my laptop in 1080P on my Toshiba LCD?

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I just today got a Toshiba 32RV525R 32" LCD and I want to get my comp working on it in 1080P. I'm using it right now at 1360x768 which it sys is the max resolution for the tv through the vga port. But my laptop also has an HDMI port on it.

Thing is, when I plug that in it says it's running at 1080P but it doen't fill up the whole screen. I've had this problem with this laptop on the other tv's I've tried this on too. What can I do to make it full screen 1080P?

How do i delete, I figured it out. it was in catalyst control on my pc.
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Your HDTV, like most HDTVs, is overscaning the video input it is getting over HDMI you need to change the Picture/Size or aspect ratio setting on your TV over the HDMI connection you are using to disable the overscaning. Check your TV user manaul for details.
^^^ what he said, and if your tv doesnt have that adjustment, your video card settings will be able to adjust overscan.
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