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Trying to hook up two completely separate 2.1 zones with one receiver

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I have a large basement and I would like to power my two main Klipsch tower speakers and one Klipsch subwoofer on one end of the basement and on the other end of the basement I would like to have my two Cerwin-Vega floor speakers and a second Klipsch subwoofer. I would like both zones to be able to be turned on and off separately including the subwoofers. The speakers are not a big deal as I know I can just switch between zones 1 and 2 (A/B) on my receiver but the subwoofers are where I am stuck. I’m not sure what I need to buy to be able to have one subwoofer come on with zone 1 and the other to come on with zone 2. I basically want to be able to listen to my music on either end of the basement separately or throughout the entire basement at one time. I’m also looking to buy a new receiver but not sure what I need. Right now I’m using my old Kenwood from the early 2000s. Thank you in advance for your help
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The other zones are 2.0 not 2.1. Even though the AVR has dual sub outs they are for the main zone only, not Zones 2 or 3.
You need subs with high level inputs (i.e. speaker wire input).
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As stated above, the two sub pre-outs on an AVR are normally for the main zone only therefore the Zone 2 sub will need 2 sets of speaker posts on the sub (ie. 1 set as "input" from the Zone 2 speaker posts on the AVR and 1 set as "output" to the Zone 2 speakers).

The AVR can be a 7CH model (ie. 5.1 + Zone 2).
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