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Here's my situation. I've got a squeezebox and a ps3 at our main entertainment center in the family room. I'm running slimserver and wmp on a pc to serve our 700 cd collection and 30 gig photo library. The pc is a bit weak. Dell dimension 2.4g single thread processor with 1 gig of memory. According to dell it's limited to 1 gig. Couple of 7,200 drives both doing ultra dma mode 2. Running itunes and the music is acc format compressed at 256. Got lots of ipods in the family so itunes is a bit of a must.

I was thinking that I ought to be able to consolidate both ends of this. Run one media server on the pc and use the ps3 for everything at the entertainment center. So I snooped around and it looked like either nero or twonky was the way to go. I wanted support for itunes and the ps3. Mainly interested in music and photos but could play with video after replacing the pc.

First I tried twonky. Installed fine. Gets along with the ps3. I added my itunes library. It's really grinding on my pc. 100% cpu between the media server and the media manager processes. I go to work for a while. Come home it's still grinding. On the ps3 I can play the music from the albums and from the playlists. Don't see any album art. On the pc I see a few pieces of album art but not much. Album art is not a show stopper for me anyway. I only mention it because twonky is still grinding away and I'm thinking maybe it's working on the album art. Get up the next day to pretty much the same situation with the twonky exe's still grinding away at near 100% cpu between the two. Email exchanges with twonky support. Never get any real explanation of what it is doing. Give up and uninstall twonky.

Next nero. Installs fine. Gets along with the ps3. Picks up the bit of mp3's and photos I've got in /my documents/. I go to add itunes. It says itunes not installed on my pc. I start the rounds with nero support. This is sort of slow with them taking a day or more to respond. I keep asking if the problem might be because I have my music database and library on another disk instead of the default location under /my music/. Never really get an answer to that question. Just keep getting asked different questions and told to uninstall and reinstall. Just for grins I copy my itunes database and xml back to /my music/itunes/. Uninstall, reinstall. Same deal. I never really get any answers to my questions from nero support, instead nero blows me off.

I really thought this would be sorta straight forward. Looks like twonky or nero will do what I want. Any ideas why they are not working. I'm particular bugged by the nero issue as I did not really get to try it with itunes. All suggestions much appreciated. I don't want to spend forever at this and I'm not particularly stupid so I ought to be able to get something working. At least that's what I though!

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