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Trying to set black level on H-Dila

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Using HD DVE and the basic PLUGE pattern. The below black bars on the outer sides do not show up, no matter what I do. I play with brightness, contrast, enhanced black on/off, different video settings (but I want to calibrate on Theater). What am I missing?

Using an A2 connected to a 56FN97 Lcos by HDMI.
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Does the A2 have an adjustable brightness setting? I had to turn it down on my XA2 a little to get the below black bars to show up on my 56FC97.

The A2 does not pass blacker than black via HDMI ...

Will just have to do brightness the old fashioned way without that. Reduce brightness until you barely see the 2% gray ... then you are set.

Cool, thanks. Wonder why I didn't think of that.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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