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TS (Hi-Def MPEG-2) Files and Video Cards

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I have tried 2 video cards, both PCI-Express and here are my observations when playing TS files:-

ATI Radeon X700 Pro:-

Silky smooth when playing 1080i video (60i) and 720p.

Terrible when playing 1080i film (24p 3:2 pulldown), especially with high bit rates and complex scenes. Lots of judder. I wonder why? Is simple 3:2 inverse telecine so hard?

Nearly always a grey bar at the bottom when playing. About 4-8 pixels high and running across the entire width. Very annoying!

NVidia 6600GT:-

Silky smooth for ALL HDTV TS files.

No grey bar at the bottom.

BUT random judder! Every 3-5 seconds a few frames skip for no apparent reason.

ALSO I can't get the Gamma curve to work. My projector really needs this boost, but I have tried ALL drivers from 66.93 to 75.90 and no gamma.

Apart from TS files for regular DVD, I notice:-

NVidia is sharper and more detailed. But ATI has better colors.

And the NVidia de-interlacing is AWESOME, while the ATI de-interlacing SUCKS in comparisson.
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what software are you using?
PowerDVD 6 and also the Zoom Player with the latest 1.00.67 NVidia DVD Decoder.
why don't more people use hardware assit playback more for TS files?
With the above two cards, the CPU utilization is less than 10%! Never gets higher than that! Amazing...

The CPU in question is a P4 4.08GHz (3.2 overclocked to 4.08)with Hyper Threading, so 5-10% is like 10-20% really.

Also Hardware decoding looks way better too, at least in my opinion. Especially when it comes to Video Stuff with 60 fields per seconds. I think with software you are limited to just Bob or Weave.
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