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TSU7000 and Marantz RC9500

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OK, so I am flirting with buy 10X the remote I need.

I keep getting drawn back the Philips TSU7000/7500 and Marantz RC9500.

I read the 26+ review of the two units at RemoteCentral. One question I have that I can not seem to get my hands around is wheter ro not the lack of pre-programmed devices is as big a deal as I think it is. I really like the Marantz better except for this one concern. Especially since I MIGHT need RF capability.

If possible, I guess I would like to hear some user opinion on this.

Errrr, maybe I need to consider the URC MX-3000RFS more seriously?????
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I wouldn't be too concerned about the software database of any of these remotes. There are plenty of options for obtaining codes and you can always learn from your original remotes.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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