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tubes for ht?

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Ive been looking into seperates for my ht for a long time now. And for an amp I would spend probably in the 2-3000k range. I had just recently went out and looked at some 2 channel stuff and stumbled across the audio note zero range, namely the P-zero mono amps, which are rated at 8 watts per channel. now I know that 8 watts seems small but they were pumping out reasonably loud levels paired with dynaudio standmounters(forget which model exaclty looked like audience 52's) so I was wondering if these would work for ht? I have mirage omni 260's and om'7s.

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One only needs to look at the impedance curve of a given speaker. If this drops anything below 8ohms; 8 wts. will clip like hell. Amps need to be matched to the speaker. This is 'triple-true' if the amp puts out 8 watts.Impedance is more important than sensitivity.
using such low power amps could cause a problem for home theater use....

many movie soundtracks have sudden and high transients and an 8 watt amp would clip and distort very easily.....

if you want to use tubes in your home theater, this might be an option....


5 channels of tube power in one chassis...... only $3295 direct from the factory.... they show up on audiogon once in a while for about $2500 or less...


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