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Tubes to 9500Ultra

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Where to find good tubes for an 9500Ultra ?

I'm looking for a Greentube, rated 8+ or close to mint.

Where to buy new tubes, and whats the price ?


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I don't think you'll find a good used one, everyone is looking for them.

New they are $1700 from VDC in Georgia. I do have some that I'd sell for cheap, but they do have wear, so email me through the site below for pictures and pricing.
Check this out if your up to it.

also if you need bellows clink on my signature link.

yeah I heard gregs are much cheaper and primo quality but aren't they all LUG's? If so I seem to recall that mixing LUG's with stock P19's is a no-no?
Since I'm a newbe I hope you can help me out.

What tube do I need ?

I'm about to buy an 9500Ultra, with low hours.

But the green tubes has a static burn after the company logo...

I can't see that there is any burn on the Red and Blue.

The burn is in lower right in a 4:3 picture, and if lucky it won't show up in a 16:9 picture.
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With LUG's you still have a slight neck board mod to get the G2 wire to the correct pin. You can run two different types of tubes since each tube has its own G2 controls.

A member in Finland is using my thomas tubes after he did the neck mod and its running fine, as is another member her in the states.

So basically what ever tube you can find that is better than yours.


Originally Posted by Fix /forum/post/16873599

Since I'm a newbe I hope you can help me out.

What tube do I need ?

i'm going to disagree with my buddy Nash and say put in a P19LCP09 stock tube.

reason is I remember reading that while it's fairly simply to modify the neck-board, ( I can do it for 50 bucks & replace some bad parts on there as well) the LUG's track the grayscale differently than the stock tubes. So you will not be able to set D6500 from 0 to 100 IRE accurately with mix and match tubes.

contact Greg eismann, his opinion on this will probably be a valuable insight.
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You might be right Drag, but some dont mind the slight differences, I tried a red LUG before with the LCP's and it was pretty close. the Green might be totally different though.

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