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I just hooked up my second Sony UTV receiver. While checking signal levels on the transponders, I noticed that tuner #2 will not lock on transponder #22 (no signal strength shows up at all). This is the only transponder where this occurs on Tuner #2 -- tuner #1 is fine (locks) on all transponders.

I switched the input cables leading to the UTV at the multiswitch output and the problem stayed in tuner #2.

Another Sony UTV locks both tuners on all transponders. My third receiver, a Hughes Executive Director shows excellent signal strength (85+) on all transponders.

If cabling was the problem, I would have expected the problem to shift to tuner #1 when I swapped cable inputs. The 3.5 software has not downloaded yet from the satellite (scheduled for 0300 tomorrow morning), so I wonder if this may resolve the problem.

Anyone with some insights? If the 3.5 download has no effect, should I be concerned with tuner#2 not being able to lock on transponder 22?


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