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Tuner card for MCE '05 and DirecTV

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I just ordered a Dell 8400 with MCE 2005, the remote, but no TV tuner card. They wanted about $120 for the card. Since I will only be using the PVR to record from DirecTV, I didn't think I needed a TV tuner per se. I would appreciate recommendations for a good, but not terribly expensive video capture card or TV tuner that is known to work well with MCE 2005.

Thanks in advance.
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just buy a pvr 150 MCE

it does have a tuner but you just will not be using it

and you will need a MCE remote/receiver/Emitter for MCE

you can get the pvr 150 MCE for about 60-70 dollars and the MCE remote bundle will be between 30-40 dollars

you cannot use an external tuner/Set top Box in MCE without the remote bundle

what remote did Dell include? the Cyberlink Remote?

Well although it will work with MCE, you need a USB receiver that can use an emitter which the Cyberlink cannot
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If you are buying a remote, make sure you get the microsoft one. It has programable power and volume buttons. The oem (phillips) one does not have these. The Microsoft one is $10 more but worth it.

The sell them at pcalchemy.
I ordered "a remote" with the PC. I assumed it was the MS MCE remote. I'm not sure what all it comes with. I guess I'll find out when it gets here next week. In the meantime, I'll look around for the PVR 150 MCE (Hauppauge! WinTV??)

Thanks for the help.
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