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Tuner is dead? Pls HELP!

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I tried clearing the guide, soft reset, unplugged for several minutes, etc. but nothing seem to work. All other features of my 5040 work fine except that it's as if no video signal coming in or the tuner is simply dead.

I plugged the same TV cable (coaxial cabl) directly into the TV and it works so the video-in is fine.

What else should I try? I haven't done a hard reset because I still want to keep all the 100+ hours recorded shows.

If that's the only way to do it, I'll do that. But before I do that, what else would you recommend???

Please help!! :(
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I also tried this method but it does't seem to work either.

How big is the drive with your 100+ hours of shows? If the drive is full, the ReplayTV may not have any room to buffer live TV.
There is a difference between "No Signal Detected" through the RF tuner and "No Signal detected" through all inputs including input 1 and 2. If the only problem area is through RF, then poor connection of the power supply to motherboard connector (specifically the red wire) should be the problem. If the problem is with all three inputs, the answer should be to continue trying the link Gary provided, as well as changing input 2 to supervideo and back to A/V and clearing channel guide in hope the encoder circuit starts working normally.
It's just the RF coaxial input. Inputs 1 and 2 seem to be working fine. Mikeyboy, could you please tell me how do I go about fixing the motherboard connector problem?

EDIT: sorry, forgot to mention that my HD is 160GB and there should be space for at least 20 hours of video. Space shouldn't be an issue AFAIK.
That's good, the problem may well be the 34 volt tuner wire isn't making solid contact with the pins. I've been replacing problematic leads with one from other recorders. Haven't been able to find a new source for them. Does anybody know a source?

Since you don't have another lead on hand. Remove the 10 or so multi colored wire lead by lifting it up from the plastic part. It's tough to do and you may need something like a screwdriver to lift the ends a little at a time. Inspect the pins for burning. If it looks OK put the lead back on and hope it makes better contact this time. If the problem continues, you can try inverting the lead in hope it makes better contact that way. If you really need another lead, feel free to email me.
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