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I'm pretty sure this is possible. I can think of some ways right now that would be better than others but here is my idea. I would like to turn a computer at my home into something like a sling box so that I can get my cable TV that my parent's pay for to my house at college so I can enjoy live TV. (yes, I'm cheap)

Are there any particular TV tuner or capture cards that would be the best for this. I don't think that I necessarily need a TV tuner because I should be able to just capture from a DVR unless a TV tuner would be better. We have Comcast Digital Cable.

Next is software. First is probably a terrible idea but it would work... Set up Skype so that it uses the capture card as the camera and I can just call my home computer and do it that way... Like I said not the best idea. I would prefer it if I could capture 720p and 5.1 sound and stream that. We use Comcast Business and get very solid upload and download so I believe it can handle it.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions to help add to my idea that would be awesome.

Thanks, Jeff.

EDIT: Also your opinion on, Would a sling box just be the better option?

EDIT 2: Has anyone ever used SnugTV from AverMedia? That seems like it could be a good option and it has an iPhone app. Have't been able to figure out if it can use a capture card.

EDIT 3: Just one more thing... If anyone knows of a way that I could use an XBMC plugin so that I never have to leave XBMC that would be awesome.
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