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Turn Off Home Theatre At Night

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So I have a bunch of stuff plugged into a power and to save the standby power I would like to switch it all off automatically at night.

I was thinking plugging the power strip into a simple mechanical appliance timer would probably do the trick, but I thought I would run it by the experts to see if there are any speciality items out there I don't know about.

I like the idea of home automation, but at this point think it is a bit much for the relatively simple task of turning off a single power strip.

Anyway, I would appreciate your responses. I am surprised there isn't much info on this as there are so many people leaving their stuff on standby at night drawing power for no reason.


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If you are only concerned with a single power strip then automation system is overkill. But, if you take that desire for controlling the rest of your power consuming lights and devices and want the convenience and pizzaz, then it starts making sense.
An issue you might encounter is that kiling the power to the units altogether might mean that when power is automatically restored, you still might have to "turn on" some stuff to get them into standby.

If that is a hassle, you might want to measure the actual current draw for the system in standby, and weigh the cost of standby power against the possible hassle of manually reinitiating the system.
plus many devices really don't like having the power cut, and may lose their "memory".

for the cheapest solution, you could get a zWave power outlet; i'm pretty sure at least some of the handheld controllers allow you to program an on/off timer into them. That would solve your goal for the
X-10 type controllers have appliance modules that can be clock controlled or remote switch controlled. available at Radio Shack, Smarthome and lots of other places. Remember, some units like STB's and DVR's with TV program guides don't like being powered off.

Originally Posted by IVB /forum/post/14107983

plus many devices really don't like having the power cut, and may lose their "memory".

+1 on that, I wouldn't like having to reset every aspect of my components every time a new dawn approached. If that were the case.
Most devices should be ok with no power and not lose settings, but you would need to experiment.

In my setup,

- only the HDMI switch loses state from being unpowered.

- the receiver comes up faster from standby than from power loss.

- satellite DVR REALLY wants to be powered all the time to get guide updates

- Vudu box REALLY wants to be powered on to share video and download new software and video.


edit- and one more thing- I have a bulb-based RPTV. It really wants the fans to run and cool down the system before it is shut completely off. . . . I have a bunch of automation in my house, but nothing that I would trust with the power for that TV- either a spurious X10 event, or little fingers on the remote. ;-)
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I also noticed in another one of your posts that you have a comcast digital box, if you cut the power to it you are looking at a good half hour to restore full menu functionality every time.
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