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I'm reading the FAQ and getting some answers but I wanted to ask the pros Here regarding my system and converting it to use as a HTPC. Here's What I have.

AMD Atholon 1700XP w/512 ram

Mid Tower case with about 3 fans in it (this might get swapped to a Destop variety)

Geforce 4 TI4200 with 64Mb ram

Audigy 2

20GB C Drive

120GB Maxtor 5400 HD

16X DVDrom


Win 250 PVR Happauge

Win XP Home with WM9

Now I have to Hi Def sets I could use this with a Mits 65807 in my Basement HT or a New Samsung 30" TXM3097 in my Living Room I'm leaning toward this one since it gets the bulk of the Cable and Broadcast viewing. I already own a Tivo but that may get put out to pasture soon its

a 30hr unit. Also I have another PC serving as my Jukebox with a Maxtor

200GB hard Drive in it. That might get merged with the HT unit for an all in one unit.

Having owned a RCA DTC 100 which I'm no longer using I have an RCA ideo Transcoder that I was outputting the signal to my mits. I believe I can use this for my HTPC on either set to output the VGA to the Component in, is this correct?

For Hi Def TV I currently recieve HBO and Showtime thru Comcast cable and a Motorola DTC5100 box.

Any suggestions toward all this happinly received.
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