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I've been thinking of a future upgrade, based on an Orion32 and JRiver/FL Studio 11 DSP engine.

All I want is a 32 channel, speaker management processor. (Basically a miniDSP or DCX on roids.)

Analog in, DSP processing, Analog out.
That's it. Nothing more.

JRiver seems to support 32 channels.

The Orion32 can I/O the 64 channels via USB 2.0

So the only problem is that JRiver is designed to play files, not processing of realtime sound-rec streams.
This is where FL Studio 11 comes in...

FL 11 would capture the 32 raw ADC'ed input channels from the Orion and pass them to JRiver via IPC, which would do the DSP and XO'ing, and pass the 32 channels back to the Orion.

Basically I want to build a cheap Trinnov Altitude32 rip-off (just the DSP/XO part of it).
and before you ask: no, I don't need Atmos support at this time. ;) This will be an analog-only in/out design.

My source is a Oppo 105, which does what I need as far as disc reading, and OnDemand services, and digital decoding to analog 7.1.
So 24 of the inputs will go completely unused until I buy a future Oppo/processor that supports Atmos for 12+ channels instead of just 8.

I'm a discrete-solutions type of person. I find they are more future-proof and cheaper for what they do. I don't want to spend Trinnov dollars, and I don't want to upgrade until I die or run out of 32 I/O, whichever comes first.
If Atmos/DTS-X 2.0 comes out and has 24channels, I don't have to change this box nor my XO settings!

So 7.1 analog in, and then a bunch of XO'ing, Filtering, and EQing inside JRiver to produce 32 channels of active multi-way speakers and subs.

I have been able to successfully do this with 2 channels in and 8 channels out across FL to JRiver. But has anyone attempted this with 8in and 16-32out successfully using JRiver and a DAW app?

I don't want to spend all that time and money if it ain't gonna work with 16 or more channels.

As long as it doesn't stutter, it doesn't need to be uber-low latency (the Oppo has 100ms of video delay compensation for Bluray etc, so it would be ok.)

Can someone with a 16 channel+ interface give this a try?
Or if there is a better solution for DSP'ing 32 channels, that costs under $3500, I'm all ears...


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JRiver does support ASIO line-in as well, so you may not even need to go through their WDM driver for this.
I'm interested in hearing how things work out for you if you do go down this route, because the Orion 32 looks like a great piece of kit for this sort of thing, at a reasonable price.

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JRiver does support ASIO line-in as well.
How do you make it run off line-in stream? Do you have a screenshot or video of that?
I thought it only played discs and files etc...
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