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I am looking to convert my desktop PC into an HTPC. I can use my laptop for most of my computer needs.

I am planning to use the PC as my dvd/divx player, pvr, mp3 player, and image viewer for my digital pics.

I currently have

ABIT KT7-Raid MB with AMD XP2100+ CPU

512 MB Memory

600 MB Disk Space

nvidia GeForce3 Ti 200 128MB

Sound Blaster Audigy

Pioneer 106 DVD Writer

Plextor 40/12/40 CD-RW

After about 2 months of research and reading, I have come across these conclusions for what i want to accomplish. Let me know if I have made any incorrect conclusions:

1. From what I understand, the ATI Radeon are better cards for dvd playback, but the nvidia should be fine.

2. I sold my directv tivo and will be getting Time Warner digital cable. (moved into an apartment and cannot install directv dish). To get pvr, I will be buying the hauppauge pvr 250 and sageTv.

3. The capture card comes with the remote, but in order to have the computer control the digitial cable box, i will need to purchase and IRblaster or serial connection. (depends on the cable box i get from time warner)

4. I have a sony 36XBR400 direct view TV. It has 2 component inputs available. one will be for the xbox and the second will be from the pc. Will be purchasing the VGA->component converter from Audio Authority.

5. In order to get 480p or 1080i for my tv, I will need to use dscalar. this area is still a bit fuzzy for me.

6. In order to get the hauppauge remote to work, will need to purchase an IR receiver of some sort

7. myHTPC can used to provide nice UI for the wife.

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