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Although I've installed it yet (Plex) I bought a PC off a guy that was actually used.

i5 3570 (overclocked)
16GB Ram
256GB SamSung SSD
1GB Internal Drive

So this rig seems fine for Plex.... The question is what to do with the 4 free SATA drives.

On the Left side it seems Option 1 is getting a DVD/Blu-Ray drive.
I would have an extra slot here for a regular 3.5 Hard drive.

On the Right side (this is a wide case) I have two bays where the setup allows for Hot-Swapable drives.

I need to find an FAQ on Flexraid, vs. Raid1 vs. Raid 5 etc.

We have all Samsung Phones and a couple of Galaxy Tablets and supposedly you can install an app on the system so that you can use DLNA type features. Plex could serve Movie/TV files (do people use it for Music??).
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