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TV Audio out to BT earbuds

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I'm trying to get my tv to output to my wireless earbuds. My visio does it fine with a bt transmitter but not my Sony.
With my ZEXMTE bt transmitter (and others) I just get humming. This is both using the rca jacks and the optical.
Also plugging in wired earbuds to the rca I also just get a hum. On Amazon ZEXMITE said the tv audio out settings have to be changed to PCM/CPCM when there's a hum but my tv doesn't have that option and I can't get an answer from ZEXMTE.
TV is: Sony Bravia KDL52V4100 and Receiver is: Yamaha RX-V378 (no output jacks).
I've spent hours going thru all the posts and I'm willing to replace my receiver with one that has bt out because it seems like they're available.
But I'm concerned that even if I get a new receiver the audio won't transmit thru bt because my tv is too old.
Can someone tell me if that is true and a new receiver may not work?
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I use a Yamaha TSR-700. It sends BT out to my Fiio BTR3K headphone amp, or my Soundblaster E5. Be aware of the different BT codecs. I think BT 5.0 has adaptive bit rate, and upon my testing it's not quite as low-latency as AptX-LL. There is some noticeable latency depending on content.

For your TV question, I think you need to enable the Yamaha AVR to output sound to the TV speakers. I believe by default the AVR sends audio only to speakers connected to the receiver.

Not the exact model, but this process should be similar to your AVR:
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