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TV Images for setting Brightness and Contrast.

This is totally ghetto so don't flame me for it.

I just wanted to give my .02 on a cheap method for setting brightness and contrast on Cable boxes and built in tuners. I know all stations are different but I set my DLP this week and it was an immediate improvement as my settings were way off.

Dodge Ram commercials are running on all most every major network in the US esp during football games. One of the scenes they have is a pure black back ground that has a very low amount of white in them, somewhere in the 1%-5% range. If you have a FREEZE button do so right at the time it pops up. Then increase your brightness until nothing new in the image pops up, then decrease until the most faint just fades out then back one click so you can see it again. Some of you will lose your frozen image once you try to change the brightness so it will be very difficult.

For white images, white football jerseys are a good place to start what fades in and out with the contrast is the shadowing in the wrinkles on that white I'm guessing in th 1%-5% range its not hard to spot. Freeze when the camera is on a white jersey, then decrease contrast till you see every faint wrinkle then increase the contrast till you loose the first noticeable amount of shading in the white wrinkle then lower it one click to gain it back.

If done right you should have your brightness and contrast accurate to 5% and maybe even better. I had used the RGB setting for my PS3 but found they where way way off, and when I was done it looked SPECTACULAR on every channel, Letterman, Leno all of it was a massive improvement. Its very clear as it did for my TV what my PS3 and a calibration disk did for my HDMI on DVD, that is theres no doubt that the image is fuller, deeper and more true with no clipping and far less noise.

All I'm really giving here is 2 images that are broadcast on HDTV that I believe are the best that I have seen for calibrating brightness and contrast of broadcast signals - of course some of you have access to broadcast calibration screens, like I said this is the Ghetto vesion I know but I do believe the snap shot to black with faint white speckles in the Dodge Ram commercial is the best I've seen for brightness and that shadow winkles in white shirts and jerseys are very good for setting contrast.

If you loose your frozen image when you change you brightness or contrast you will really have to work very very hard at it, but I'm 100% sure for the images I froze that I'm accurate to 5% and maybe better on each end.

I wouldn't have made this post except for the fact of how far my PS3 and my OPPO where off from my built in tuner, and the fact that the improvement was huge, just like the first time I use a calibration disc.

Just food for thought on how to make you way to the correct brightness and contrast on you Cable boxes and built in tuners when watching broadcast material. I know all stations are different but across the board all of my stations are vastly improved with the correct display of the upper and lower 5% of these two images.

Fingers crossed for your images staying frozen when you try to make a adjustment.
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